Quality Assurance Program

RationalSoft considers Quality Control as one of the most important factors in the support that we provide to our customers. We are very much services centric and we believe that the quality of services we provide will build and reflect in our reputation. Our Quality Assurance Plan revolves arround our customer's needs and requirements. RationalSoft will follow the Quality Assurance Program as the baseline and will develop Quality Assurance Program at the Task Order level. RationalSoft will document quality metrics and the process through which quality control will be delivered to the project.

Our primary quality objectives are:

. Quality is designed into products and services using defined processes.
. The Quality Assurance will be reviewed/updated regularly to meet the customer specific needs and requirements.
. The Quality Assurance Program will be consistent with client’s SDLC, standards, procedures, and processes.
. The plan also includes steps to maintain a highly motivated and solutions oriented team.
. Continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system.
. Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty by meeting our customers' requirements and expectations.
. The plan provides emphasis on guidelines that help meet specific quality control measures and thorough accountability.

Please contact the following person for information regarding Quality Assurance Program:
Siritha Bathula
Phone: 703-593-9091
Email: siritha@rationalsoft.com